Helsinki Insider Tip: The Ghost Town Kruunuovori

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Geheimtipp Helsinki - KRUUNUOVORI

Fog. A slate blue sky with a strong wind, which makes the Scandinavian coldness appear even a bit frostier. It’s March. We leave the city center of Helsinki. The closer we get to the east of the city, the more the areas look abandoned, although the ghost town Kruunovori on the peninsula Laajaslo lies only 45 minutes from the city center. Still, it feels like a little journey into another reality.

In search for local travel tips, I found the Helsinki Blog and read about the ghost town Kruunovori. It is a very recommendable secret tip for Helsinki which is indeed quite unknown: Even the locals with whom I spoke, weren’t familiar with the name of the place.

What can you find in the ghost town Kruunovori?

Decayed, old wooden houses amid a swamp in the forest area of Kruunovori. According to legend, these houses originate from the 19th century and have been left because of the swampy area and floodings. Some years ago, there were still far more abandoned houses. But meanwhile, many of the old buildings were burnt down or dismantled. Allegedly, there are plans that new houses will be build in the future. Therefore, I wouldn’t wait too long to visit Kruunovori.

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Before one enters the actual ghost forest, one passes a small village with typical Finnish shanties. Nevertheless, who is looking for a live spark, is out of place. Although the houses outside the forest are inhabited, it seems as if the locals have crawled away into their houses to escape the freezing cold. Except for the noises of the own footsteps, one can barely hear a sound. The village seems to be deserted.

If you leave the housing area, you will enter a huge construction area. Our sight distance is limited because the whole construction area is very foggy. One should watch out not to step into a small pond of which there are quite many. ;)

So if you’re a small adventure magnet, and like to get the creeps sometimes, Kruunovori is the right place! ;)

How do you get to Kruunovori with public transports?

From the center of Helsinki you can take a metro in the direction „Herttoniemi“. Arrived, you get into the bus line 88 in the direction „Kaitalahti“ and drive to the final stop „Kaitalahti 2“. When you get out at the bus stop, you can already see the village Kruunovori.

Now, walk 4 minutes from the bus stop straight on towards the village, until you see at your right side a small path which leads up to the forest. Take this path and walk into the forest. Soon, you will see the first derelict house!

If you take the path from the village straightforward instead of turning right into the forest path, you’ll get to the unsettled part of the island. From here, you’re entering a construction area which is very adventurous as well.

How can you prepare yourself for the ghost town Kruunovori?

Especially, if you decide to travel Kruunovori during the cold season, I recommend you following adventure equipment:

  • Waterproof shoes. Better old shoes because the area is very swampy
  • A windbreaker as there blows a cold wind on the island
  • A camera because Kruunovori offers many beautiful photo subjects
  • A flashlight because it might get quite gloomy during the colder season

With this equiment, there is nothing standing in your way anymore! :)

I give Kruunovuori concerning its sight worth seeing 4 of 5 stars:

Rating 4 Stars


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Carlie 17. October 2016 at 17:17

This is really cool!!

Heather 18. October 2016 at 5:35

I’m so glad that I stumbled upon your blog! What an amazing trip. I’m so jealous on so many levels: Helsinki & a ghost town! Sehr toll!


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