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Day Trip to the Italian Island Burano

20. July 2016 2 Comments

There are painting that one can look at for hours without getting bored. Then, one imagines to stand in the middle of the painting and to get lost in the art between reality and illusion. That’s how a visit to the fishing island Burano feels like. Rarely have I seen such a location with such a harmonious setting. It is…


Helsinki Insider Tip: The Ghost Town Kruunuovori

13. May 2016 2 Comments

Fog. A slate blue sky with a strong wind, which makes the Scandinavian coldness appear even a bit frostier. It’s March. We leave the city center of Helsinki. The closer we get to the east of the city, the more the areas look abandoned, although the ghost town Kruunovori on the peninsula Laajaslo lies only 45 minutes from the city…


Porto Tips: Our Top 5 Activities

18. February 2016 3 Comments

I love you, Porto. More than I have ever imagined. What they say is true: that love sometimes comes unexpectedly. Who would have guessed that you are so charming, so diversified and multicolored. Do you know how beautiful it is to sit in the heart of your city at the harbor, while listening to Fado music? There are these students,…