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Welcome to my blog Minna Memoir – The blog for solo (female) travellers, digital nomads and people who want to live more mindfully

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About this blog

Would you like to travel more and work online? Are you fascinated by the digital nomad community, but have never felt prepared to change something in your life? Would you like to live your life proactively, be in your full power, and go through your everyday life with more ease, positivity and mindfulness?

I’m glad to welcome you to my blog! :)

I know how you feel. Four years ago I was at a similar point in my life. Today I deeply trust my intuition and let my heart speak louder than my head. That doesn’t mean that I occasionally don’t have fears. But I do things despite my fear much more now. I want to inspire you from the bottom of my heart to dream big again and follow your authentic path.

✔ Get useful tips for (female) solo traveling to set off on big adventures
✔ Find the courage to distance yourself from social expectations and follow your authentic path
✔ Discover hotspots for digital nomads with me
✔ Gain insights into working remotely
✔ Find ideas to earn money online and travel more often or full-time
✔ Inspire yourself with topics around minimalism, mindfulness and positive psychology.
✔ Experience more about sustainable traveling.

How are traveling solo and mindfulness connected?

By travelling we learn about life close up. By gaining new impressions our radars are more often focused on receiving than on transmitting. We broaden our intellectual horizons, open our hearts for new inner and outer experiences, and explore other cultures with open arms. We begin to question our former beliefs and thought patterns. It becomes easier to perceive “being” and the present more consciously as we break out of our usual environment and discover new things.

We awaken attributes that we may have forgotten in the process of growing up: curiosity, openness, and joy in the simple things of life. Away from social paths full of expectations, social influences, values and obligations that yet exist only as self-imposed boundaries in our minds we come closer to ourselves. We start to look at what we have learned from a very young age from an eagle’s perspective. We realize that we can recreate ourselves every day.

Travelling can bring so much mindfulness into our lives. Especially when we travel slowly and alone. We can learn to carry this awareness of life into our “normal” daily lives and to live every moment mindfully.

Who is the author of “Minna Memoir”?

am the author of Minna Memoir. My Vietnamese name is Anh Tu, which means sparkle in Vietnamese culture. My German name is Minna, though my friends call me Mimi. I was born in a greatly feared German suburb (Offenbach) and used to live in Frankfurt am Main. In 2016 I gave up my apartment and have been traveling since while working remotely as a content marketing specialist and social media manager.

I am an adventurer, an eternal optimist, a life acrobat. My gift lies in seeing the beautiful sides of life, although life is not always coffee and love. And because life is full of surprises, I am sometimes thoughtful, sometimes quiet, sometimes loud. I am mostly loud when I dance to my favourite songs of The Cure. When I think I could burst with love and happiness. And sometimes when I’m travelling and curiously immerses myself into foreign culture. Then I may fall in love quickly. I fall in love with places and cultures that were previously foreign to me – from time to time also unhappily.

I am quiet when I watch the news and think too much about our world. At the same time I am so grateful that I had the privilege of growing up in Germany in exactly this age. That I was born into this security. In times of modern technology so many doors are open to many people of my generation. Opportunities that did not exist then. Every day we have the opportunity to create ourselves according to our wishes. Yet so many people find it difficult to develop their full potentials.

What makes a fulfilled life for me? To live my own authentic way. And I think I am traveling on a good route. Love, compassion and authenticity are the three most important values in my life.

Here are a few facts

  • I work as content marketing & community manager for the German company Ergotopia on a permanent basis (32 hours a week). Besides I freelance, build passive income and work on my blog. I’m not in Germany about 70 % of the time. Books are not enough to study the world. We can only understand cultures with all of their lovely as well as unsettling sides if we discover them on our own. Traveling is the best way to educate myself.
  • My favourite places so far: Dahab in Egypt, Bali, Mocoa in Colombia and Essaouira in Morocco.
  • I’m a food monster. I love food.
  • My intention on every journey: to make at least three animal friendships – the future me will be an animal whisperer ;) – and to do something good in every country I visit.

Upcoming travels (2019)

  • Graz (May), Tanzania and Zanzibar (June), Vietnam-Cambodia-Bali (at some point between September and December)

These are the countries I have visited so far!

  • Egypt (I lived in Dahab for one year)
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • Columbia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • England
  • Estonia
  • Ethiopia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany (I grew up here)
  • Greece
  • Iceland
  • Indonesia
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Jordan
  • Luxembourg
  • Macedonia
  • Malaysia
  • Morocco
  • Netherlands
  • Philippines
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Tanzania & Zanzibar
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates
  • USA: Massachusetts, California Louisiana, New Hampshire, New York, Washington D.C.
  • Vatican State

  • Would you like to contact me directly?

    Send an e-mail to Minna Tran, info@minna-memoir.com