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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Blue Lagoon in Dahab

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How did people live in Dahab decades ago? The Blue Lagoon in Dahab is like a journey into the past. Between the Sinai Mountains, the sea, and the turquoise-blue lagoon, time seems to be completely lost. Find out in this article 10 reasons why you should not miss the Blue Lagoon in Egypt when visiting Dahab.

Why You Will Fall in Love with the Blue Lagoon in Dahab: 10 Reasons

1. The Unique Atmosphere and Landscapes

The Blue Lagoon is not located near any popular tourist destinations in a natural park which is how I imagine Dahab was decades ago before the area became as popular as it is today – when there was nothing but small Hushas, Beduin families, animals, and some hippies. Since the Blue Lagoon is about an hour north of the Dahab center, it’s an oasis of tranquility.

Between the orange and brown Sinai Mountains, the wild sea, and the magical, turquoise-blue Lagoon, you can rest your soul and gain new energy. Additionally, when the sun rises and sets, the Sinai Mountains are illuminated in a golden-red color and are reflected in the crystal-clear water.


At night, you can sleep in so called “Huschas” which are small huts built by locals. They are offered as accommodations for tourists.

2. The Simple Life Gives You Clarity

The Blue Lagoon in Dahab gives you the perfect opportunity to clear your mind. Surrounded by the breathtakingly calm atmosphere, you will maintain peacefulness within yourself. There are no tricks and nothing extra.

There are simply mattresses in the Huschas, as well as a few toilets and showers that are usually out of water. You will learn to love the simplicity and will relieve yourself of any stress. If you sometimes long for a “simpler” life, you will feel comfortable here. If not, you will just learn to love simplicity.

Although you are completely isolated, you won’t feel alone. Far from electricity and good mobile phone reception, you will become one with nature, and feel better connected to your fellow human beings and (mostly) with yourself.

„If you will stay close to nature, to its simplicity, to the small things hardly noticeable, those things can unexpectedly become great and immeasurable.“ – Rainer Maria Rilke (Bohemian-Austrian poet)
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3. Enjoy Your Digital Detox

The digital age can be quite exhausting. Are you aware of how many times a day you (unconsciously)
look at your mobile phone?

According to a study by the research platform, Dscout, smartphone users spend an average of 145 minutes a day on their mobile phones and, on average, unlock their phone about 80 times each day which is about seven to eight times an hour. [1]

However, when you’re at the Blue Lagoon in Dahab, you are “forced” to live without the constant distractions. And although there is barely any electronic connection to the “outside” world, at the Blue Lagoon, I promise you’ll find a better overall connection as you will feel more connected to your environment and yourself. You will start to live more in the present – more in the here and now.

If you work online like me and need a digital detox, you’re at the right place.

4. Learn From the Kitesurfing Pros

Have you ever wanted to learn kitesurfing or just want to watch the kitesurfing pros?

If so, the Blue Lagoon in Dahab is the perfect place. Since the water is so flat and the wind is stronger than in the center, the Blue Lagoon has been named a kitesurfing paradise.

Many notorious kite surfers hang out here, so you can admire how easily they glide over the water and jump with their kite(s) high into the air. Similarly, you could directly book a cheap kitesurfing course and support the Bedouin families.

5. Experience Magical Sunrises and Sunsets

If you think that sunrises and sunsets are magic, you have not yet experienced the shift between day and night at the Blue Lagoon.

At sunset, I love to take a short walk to the mountains at the Blue Lagoon, but you can climb the cliffs and enjoy the sunrise OR the sunset with views over the entire Blue Lagoon, the sea, and the mountains. Here, you can be completely by yourself. This is a great place for meditation.

Photographer: Franz Glatz

6. Dive Into the Blue Lagoon

The turquoise blue water is so clear and inviting that you’ll just want to jump right in.

So, take a nice swim and cool off from the high temperatures. But beware – the water is often colder than it looks. ;)

7. Spend Time With the Bedouins and Support the Local Culture

Live alongside the Bedouins of Dahab who make their living from their businesses at the Blue Lagoon.

Immerse yourself into the Egyptian culture! Enjoy a super sweet (!) Bedouin tea, sit with them around the campfire at night, sing Egyptian songs with them until you lose your voice, and forget for a long moment that there’s a world beyond the Blue Lagoon. Live with every heartbeat and enjoy the simple way of life.

I sat with them around the campfire a couple of evenings and we told each other stories, sang Arabic songs, and, at other times, said nothing at all.

8. Enjoy a Classic Bedouin Dinner and Breakfast

I recommend that you book breakfast and dinner for your Blue Lagoon Trip so that you can dive right into the Bedouin culinary cuisine.

For breakfast, enjoy Egyptian Shakshuka (special style of scrambled egg), ful (cooked fava beans), tahina (sesame paste), jam, Leba (Egyptian bread), salad, and coffee.

For dinner, Bedouins love chicken or fish with rice, potatoes, and salad. Also – don’t be shy to eat with your hands! ;)

If you are hungry in between, you can also order pasta (I highly recommend tuna pasta). Yummy!

9. Sleep Under a Billion Stars and Marvel at the Milky Way

Not having electricity has something good: darkness. In the darkness, the most beautiful night skies come to light, and on clear days, you can marvel at the Milky Way along with many small shooting stars that just tumble off the sky.

All you need to do to admire the night sky is move your mattresses out of the huscha.


10. Become Friends With the Animals

It is not uncommon to wake up next to a cat in the morning as they love to cuddle next to (or on top of) humans at night.

Even Huscha, the infamous Blue Lagoon dog, loves to enjoy looking over the water with the people at the Blue Lagoon, and once, sweet Finn ran miles behind us when we were leaving the Blue Lagoon on a truck.


One thing is for sure: When you sleep in Dahab, you will not be lonely. Every time I go back to the Blue Lagoon, I make friends with a cat, a dog, or a camel. Sometimes, you can even meet a little desert fox walking in the mountains as well.

How to Get From the Dahab Center to the Blue Lagoon in Dahab

You can book your trip to the Blue Lagoon via an organization such as Abo Aid Surfcamp. On their website, you will find everything they offer as well as their prices. For example, today, one night at the Blue Lagoon in Dahab with transfer, dinner, and breakfast currently costs about 43 € (as of January 2019).

  • From Dahab center, you can take a taxi to the notorious diving paradise, “Blue Hole”. While it’s definitely worth stopping here to dive or snorkel, I recommend to you to this on your way back to the Dahab center because the showers do not always work at the Blue Lagoon.

  • From the Blue Hole, you cah take a water taxi to Abu Gallum. This can be quite wild on windy days ;-) So better store your valuables in a waterproof bag.

  • Blue-Lagoon-Dahab-Watertaxi

  • Finally, you will take taxi from Abu Gallum to the Blue Lagoon (takes about 10 minutes).

  • I recommend that you to leave around 10 am in the morning at the latest. It will be nice to have some daylight time at the Blue Lagoon to settle yourself down.

  • Plan about one to one and half hours for getting to the Blue Lagoon in Dahab. This includes the stops in between (note: it can also be an “Egyptian” hour, which means that sometimes it can take a bit longer). ;) During the waiting time, you can enjoy a Bedouin tea or a meal at a selection of restaurants at the Blue Hole.

Your Packing List for the Blue Lagoon in Dahab

In order to make your trip to the Blue Lagoon as pleasant as possible, I recommend that you take following things with you:

  • A sleeping bag as it can get fresh at night. Especially, if you want to sleep outside
  • A sweater because it can be pretty windy at the Blue Lagoon
  • A canister drinking water
  • Snacks: If you want to enjoy a beer, you should buy it beforehand as well. You can’t buy alcoholic beverages at the Blue Lagoon
  • Toilet paper, because it’s often empty
  • Swimwear
  • Sunscreen and, alternatively, a sunhat/headgear
  • A flashlight

Have you ever been to the Blue Lagoon in Dahab? What was your personal highlight? I’m looking forward to your comment!


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