Why I Fell Unluckily in Love with Thailand

posted by Mimi 23. March 2016 7 Comments

“Are you travelling alone?” I’m asking a backpacker whom we have just met during the breakfast buffet on the Khao San Road in Thailand. It’s hard to oversee that he partied last night, like most of the people who visit the notorious backpacker mile. “No, actually, I was on the road with two of my mates. Suddenly, they were gone.…

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Porto Tipps - Am Strand bei Foz entspannen

Road Trip Through Portugal Part 1: General Travel Tips & 8 Must-Do’s

posted by Mimi 21. February 2016 19 Comments

A rental car. Two bags, fully packed with travel nerves, a handful of adventurous pleasure and the best friend in the world. On the back seat, the untamed spontaneity calls: „Come on! Put your foot down! When will we finally arrive Porto, Coimbra and Lissabon? I already smell the deep-fried fish and port wine from far away!“ Some adventures sound…

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Conscious LifestyleHomeHow To'sLifestyleMindfulness

8 Simple Ways to Live More Consciously

posted by Mimi 20. February 2016 51 Comments

We are too busy hiding our heads behind weighty tomes in order learn chemical formulae and laws by heart that we will forget very soon. Our aim is a successful final degree, just to start afterwards an all the more successful career. Therefore, we are sitting for weeks behind big screens because the next deadline for the twenty-page term paper has…

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Porto Tipps - Katze

Porto Tips: Our Top 5 Activities

posted by Mimi 18. February 2016 3 Comments

I love you, Porto. More than I have ever imagined. What they say is true: that love sometimes comes unexpectedly. Who would have guessed that you are so charming, so diversified and multicolored. Do you know how beautiful it is to sit in the heart of your city at the harbor, while listening to Fado music? There are these students,…

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CaliforniaHomeOrange County (California)TravelingUSA

Childhood Dreams Part 1 – Traveling in the Orange County

posted by Mimi 19. October 2014 10 Comments

I was 14 or 15 when I began to dream about a life in California. My longings and dreams for the far off country were certainly strongly dominated by the US-American film industry. A majority of popular films and series that adolescents and adults consume nowadays are being produced indisputably in the States. I believe that everyone who watches every…

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