Dahab Reisen
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28 exceptional facts that make Dahab a special travel destination

posted by Mimi 6. April 2017 5 Comments

Have you ever heard of the small hippie town of Dahab? Many travelers had never heard of this place until they came one day and left their hearts here. The former fishing village is situated on the southern Sinai Peninsula directly on the Red Sea and distinguishes itself from other Egyptian places. Renowned by Egyptians for its unique charm, it’s…

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Insel Burano - bunte Häuser

Day Trip to the Italian Island Burano

posted by Mimi 20. July 2016 2 Comments

There are painting that one can look at for hours without getting bored. Then, one imagines to stand in the middle of the painting and to get lost in the art between reality and illusion. That’s how a visit to the fishing island Burano feels like. Rarely have I seen such a location with such a harmonious setting. It is…

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Geheimtipp Helsinki - KRUUNUOVORI

Helsinki Insider Tip: The Ghost Town Kruunuovori

posted by Mimi 13. May 2016 2 Comments

Fog. A slate blue sky with a strong wind, which makes the Scandinavian coldness appear even a bit frostier. It’s March. We leave the city center of Helsinki. The closer we get to the east of the city, the more the areas look abandoned, although the ghost town Kruunovori on the peninsula Laajaslo lies only 45 minutes from the city…

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Minimalistischer leben hilft uns bei der Selbstfindung
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5 Reasons Why a Minimalist Lifestyle Will Help You in the Process of Self-Discovery

posted by Mimi 20. April 2016 10 Comments

Minimalism. What does that actually mean? More and more frequently, one reads in headlines and in social media that renounce has been as hip as never before, that a lot less is more and that minimalism brings more time, money and calmness. On the internet, one finds following definitions of „minimalism“: When the Boundaries Between „Necessity“ and „Desire“ Become Blurred…

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Why I unluckily fell in love with thailand

Why I Fell Unluckily in Love with Thailand

posted by Mimi 23. March 2016 7 Comments

“Are you travelling alone?” I’m asking a backpacker whom we have just met during the breakfast buffet on the Khao San Road in Thailand. It’s hard to oversee that he partied last night, like most of the people who visit the notorious backpacker mile. “No, actually, I was on the road with two of my mates. Suddenly, they were gone.…

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