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5 Reasons Why a Minimalist Lifestyle Will Make You Happier

20. April 2016 13 Comments

Minimalism. What does it actually mean? With increasing frequency, one reads in headlines and on social media platforms that less is more and that a minimalist lifestyle brings more time, money and inner peace. On the internet, following definitions of „minimalism“ can be found: When the Boundaries Between „Necessity“ and „Desire“ Become Blurred Certainly you are familiar with this situation:…

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Vietnam Part II: Interview with Human Rights Activist Vo Dai Ton

15. July 2013 1 Comment

Little remark: Everything that is depicted here is based on an experience report of a Vietnamese human rights activist who has witnessed the Vietnam war and the fatal consequences firsthand. “[…] I will not fight against the Vietnamese Communist regime using their methods – retaliation and violence. I do not fight with hatred, or with a feeling of revenge. I…

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German Television – Humiliation Above Humanity

16. December 2012 48 Comments

Redundant workers in sweatpants who are sitting the whole day with a beer in front of the television, anti-social and uncooperative behavior, social exclusion and never-ending conflicts within relationships. Less common sense. Hate compensates love, rage and contentiousness instead of reconciliation, abysmal stupidity – all this seems to be the prevailing image of German society, presented by German Television itself.…

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The Art of Purchasing Happiness

21. November 2012 6 Comments

“The most beautiful lives, to my mind, are those that conform to the common human pattern, with order, but without miracle, and without eccentricity.” – Michel de Montaigne. The unlearning to live is always getting easier in our capitalist society. As a child, we just needed our parents to read us a book or the taste of an ice cream…