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Vietnam Part II: Interview with Human Rights Activist Vo Dai Ton

15. July 2013 2 Comments

Little remark: Everything that is depicted here is based on an experience report of a Vietnamese human rights activist who has witnessed the Vietnam war and the fatal consequences firsthand. “[…] I will not fight against the Vietnamese Communist regime using their methods – retaliation and violence. I do not fight with hatred, or with a feeling of revenge. I…

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German Television – Humiliation Above Humanity

16. December 2012 48 Comments

Redundant workers in sweatpants who are sitting the whole day with a beer in front of the television, anti-social and uncooperative behavior, social exclusion and never-ending conflicts within relationships. Less common sense. Hate compensates love, rage and contentiousness instead of reconciliation, abysmal stupidity – all this seems to be the prevailing image of German society, presented by German Television itself.…

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The Art of Purchasing Happiness

21. November 2012 6 Comments

“The most beautiful lives, to my mind, are those that conform to the common human pattern, with order, but without miracle, and without eccentricity.” – Michel de Montaigne. The unlearning to live is always getting easier in our capitalist society. As a child, we just needed our parents to read us a book or the taste of an ice cream…