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Childhood Dreams – Part 1: “Wanderlust for the Foreign”

19. October 2014 10 Comments

I was 14 or 15 when I began to dream about a life in California. My longings and dreams for the far off country were certainly strongly dominated by the US-American film industry. A majority of popular films and series that adolescents and adults consume nowadays are being produced indisputably in the States. I believe that everyone who watches every…

CaliforniaHomeOrange County (California)TravelingUSA

Childhood Dreams – Part 2: “First Days in the O.C. & Laguna Beach”

18. October 2014 15 Comments

Click here to read Part 1 Arrival and First Get-Together with the Old Vietnamese Friends of My Father The jetlag is hardly noticeable when we arrive at 06:10 pm at the Los Angeles airport. Excitement and euphoria describe much more our state of mind; afterwards they turn into thrilled speechlessness and overpowering. Finally, we stand after 17 hours of flight…