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How to Live More Consciously

20. February 2016 51 Comments

We are too busy hiding our heads behind weighty tomes in order learn chemical formulae and laws by heart that we will forget very soon. Our aim is a successful final degree, just to start afterwards an all the more successful career. Therefore, we are sitting for weeks behind big screens because the next deadline for the twenty-page term paper has…

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Vietnam Part II: Interview with Human Rights Activist Vo Dai Ton

15. July 2013 2 Comments

Little remark: Everything that is depicted here is based on an experience report of a Vietnamese human rights activist who has witnessed the Vietnam war and the fatal consequences firsthand. “[…] I will not fight against the Vietnamese Communist regime using their methods – retaliation and violence. I do not fight with hatred, or with a feeling of revenge. I…


7 Things That Remind Me of Childhood…

14. February 2013 134 Comments

When growing older, it always seems to be getting harder to recollect personal memories of one’s childhood. The more it makes me happy, when I see something that reminds me strongly of my past. Then, my brain becomes sort of a mindmap, connecting images with each other, recreating things that seemed to be forgotten. And then I just smile in…

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German Television – Humiliation Above Humanity

16. December 2012 48 Comments

Redundant workers in sweatpants who are sitting the whole day with a beer in front of the television, anti-social and uncooperative behavior, social exclusion and never-ending conflicts within relationships. Less common sense. Hate compensates love, rage and contentiousness instead of reconciliation, abysmal stupidity – all this seems to be the prevailing image of German society, presented by German Television itself.…

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How to Find Shootings on TFP-Basis

27. November 2012 22 Comments

I like to take pictures, but also to stand in front of the camera. Since photo shootings are, however, often quite expensive, I looked some years ago for a cheap alternative to get some cheaper shootings. In this post, you can find three of my favorite ways to find shootings. Before we start, I will give you some general advices…