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What is “Minna Memoir”?

Minna Memoir is a billingual travel and lifestyle blog founded in July 2015. Here you can primarily find travel reports, useful travel tips and inspirations about the topic “Conscious Lifestyles”. Furthermore, the author deals with socio-critical themes and illuminates them from different viewpoints. The writing style of Minna Memoir is critical, humorous, honest and sometimes a little bit dreamy.

Who is the author behind “Minna Memoir”?

am the author behind Minna Memoir. My Vietnamese Name is Anh Tu which means „sparkle“ in Vietnamese culture. My German name is Minna, though, my friends just call me „Mimi“. I was born in a greatly feared suburb of Germany and have my homebase in Frankfurt am Main.

I am an adventurer, dancer in the rain, an eternal optimist. I believe in the good side of human beings. I go wild whenever I am listening to good music, I have a fondness for taking risks and I tend to fall in love with foreign places. I make a lot of animal friends during my travellings. ;)

My life goal is to be happy more often. And I think I’m traveling on a good route. These plans will help me to reach this goal:

  • I will travel as a digital freelancer many countries. Books are not enough to study the world. We can only understand cultures with all of its lovely as well as unsettling sites, if we discover it on our own. Traveling is for me the best way to educate myself.
  • I will spend a voluntary year on a rehabilitation station for orang-utans in Borneo. I would like to report about the destruction of the rainforest and help endangered animals to save their habitat.
  • I will go to a The Cure concert (this dream came true in November 2016)
  • I will become friends with at least 2-3 local dogs and cats in every place I visit

  • Would you like to contact me directly?

    Just send an e-mail to Minna Tran, info@minna-memoir.com if you have any inquiries, cooperation ideas or are interested in a guest article for your website. :)

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